I made this website to help people plan there vacations learn about history or foreign languages. Most of the information on this site I could not find presented in the manner I have on the internet. I developed most of the information for my own personal use and decided to share it with the internet.

The information is incomplete as I have not been to some of these places in years so my recollection is not perfect. I have been to everywhere listed or nearby and want to go back. All views are my opinions. I do quote some historic books but try to quote the source when possible.

I posted a lot of pictures along drives so that you can decide for yourself if any hike or drive is good. I hope that I can help you have a better vacation.


A lot of the information on this site was take from various places onth

  • Whitakers Words Is the base dictionary for the Latin dictionary
  • I have used the Project Gutenburg website for a lot of the public domain texts that form the basis for things like Fremont's Expedition
  • To get the English to Spanish translation on those pages I used Python NLTK which makes use of Wordnet.

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