The Vacation Historian

I enjoy traveling mostly for hiking and scenic drives. But after bagging a few 14ers I need to rest. So I go to museums. I also like to listen to audio books about the places I am visiting while driving there. It makes a 5 or 6 hour drives to the Rockies more enjoyable.

At some point, someone told me about geocaching. It sounded fun but I could never find any. But I have found historic sites. So I like to call this activity historycaching.

With all that in mind I am making these pages as a way to help make history more accesible. I think having a basic knowledge of the history of the area really helps to enjoy the small town museums and get the most out of historic markers. My intention is to help people find information about the history of an area they are visiting on vacation hence the name "The Vacation Historian". I am not trying to be an authoritative source, but just sharing my thoughts and hopefully giving you a starting point to invesigate history yourself. Everything here is incomplete. I hope to add to this page as I go.